WiFi full form -What is Wifi- Hotspot, advantages, Effect on health ? Explained

 WiFi Full Form

WiFi Full Form- What is WiFi ?– It is a term used in telecommunication acronyms. WiFi is used for a local are networking of devices through the internet. Each and every person who is introduced to mobiles/computers or any other technical devices are already introduced to WiFi.

But, most of them don’t know the full form of wifi.
The Wifi Full form is mentioned below :
Wireless Fidelity

What Is WiFi? What Is A Hotspot?

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-fi is a new spectrum band technology, widely used for low data rate wireless signals. It is a personal, private, secured and unauthenticated communications network that uses the Wi-Fi 802.11 protocols. People can use Wi-fi connection at home, business, dormitory, coffee shops, shopping malls and even in the airports for connecting to the Internet with low cost data rates. What Is A Hotspot? A Hotspot is the term for any network that connects to the internet using Wi-Fi. A Hotspot can be a physical network, or it can be the laptops, tablets, PCs and other devices within the network. In other words, a Hotspot is any device connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi network. A Hotspot which has Wi-Fi connection at least. 1.

What is a WiFi Hotspot?

A hotspot is a network of devices which are available on the Internet as well as communicating with each other. Haptics is one of the different technologies that needs to be used in a communication and various types of data can be accessed through these technologies. The term WiFi stands for wireless broadband. Wi-Fi Hotspots provide services to you in areas where there is a general or limited availability of Internet connections. These are based on the principle of using radio waves for wireless network which transmits information to devices such as laptops, smartphones or other similar networked gadgets. What Is Zulu Ghazee? Zulu Ghazee is a mobile service provider which provides the best coverage in Egypt to its customers.

Advantages of WiFi :

It has no specific geographic boundaries. It provides internet to everyone in the vicinity. It is invisible and unidentifiable. It allows access to all websites. It provides access to music and movies. It is fast, unlimited and reliable. It is reliable, hard to hack, inexpensive and does not need internet connectivity at home. But It Has Downside As Well: On the downside of WiFi, its signals do not penetrate walls. However, its spectrum is so large that one-fifth of the world population is covered by this technology. The transmissions have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. It requires a precise radiation that varies from place to place. It is prone to interference and is susceptible to viruses and malware. It is not secure.

Disadvantages of WiFi :

1. WiFi is not a secure network and this has been the major cause of several hacking attacks. This has also reduced the privacy of the user as their movements are tracked by the cyber crime and their online activities can be seen by anyone anywhere.

2. If the internet or other devices are connected to a Wifi, it allows the cyber crimes to capture the data or their activities which may be dangerous for the user in future.

3. Wifi signals can also be intercepted by authorities and cyber criminals which may cause serious consequences like loss of one’s identity. So, all these are major negatives of WiFi and it has several pros and cons.

Wi-Fi and Your Health :

You can say Wi-Fi is life itself. Without Wi-Fi, we wouldn’t be able to access to any websites and get connected to any social network or websites. So how is it connected with your health? In your day to day life, you use Wi-Fi for everyday tasks which you need it for such as connecting your phone to a computer. Using Wi-Fi to access internet helps you do a lot more than that, it can help you manage the overall health of your body. Wi-Fi and Health What Is WiFi Life Life Extension Technology? It all starts from a research, even though technology never fails to transform the world, but science or the scientific study may be obsolete. The idea of Wi-Fi life extension is to store the data of health activities so that we can come back to the computer and use the data to boost our body.

More full form of WIFI

Full Form Category Term
Wireless Fidelity Wireless Technology WIFI
Wireless Internet for Frequent Interface Technology WIFI

FAQs about Wi-Fi :

  • Wifi is a wireless acces point that allows wireless devices to connect to other wireless networks
  • Wi-Fi is not an acronym, its a brand name by a marketing firm.
  • Wi-Fi was invented in 1971 , where ALOHAnet connected the Great Hawaiian Islands with a UHF wireless packet network.
  • The technical birth place of Wi-Fi is Netherlands.

Conclusion :

You are now with know the terminology Wi-fi and its usage. We strongly recommend you to go for an iPad Air 2 or iPhone 7 which have an advanced processor and wireless adaptor for your work. We are sure you will be happy with these devices.

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