Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024: Benefits, Eligibility, and Application Process

The Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024 was launched by the government to assist Indian businesswomen. The government offers loans to women under this program up to Rs. 3 lakh, enabling them to advance and launch prosperous careers. This scheme is open to women who live in rural or underdeveloped areas and make less than 1.5 lakh per year. This program’s objectives are to support female entrepreneurs in their ventures and provide newcomers the confidence to begin working. The Women Development Corporation oversees this program, which helps women become more proficient in business.

Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024 Overview

Scheme NameUdyogini Yojana Scheme
Implemented ByGovernment of India
BeneficiariesWomen entrepreneurs in India
Interest RateCompetitive, subsidized, or potentially free
Annual Family Income CapUp to Rs. 1.5 lakh
Maximum Loan AmountUp to Rs. 3 lakhs
Income Limit for LoanNo income limit
Collateral RequirementNo collateral is required for widows or disabled women
Processing FeeNo processing fee

The main objective of the Udyogini Yojana Scheme

The primary goal of our nation’s government in initiating this program is to empower women by fostering their financial independence. Women will have the opportunity to obtain interest-free loans under this program, enabling them to launch their own companies or small industries.

Its primary objective is for women to become independent and financially strong. This program aims to empower women who feel that their financial difficulties prevent them from reaching their full potential despite having some skills. The government is providing them with an opportunity to realize their dreams through this program.

Benefits of the Udyogini Yojana Scheme

  • Women empowerment: With loans and skill development opportunities, this government program seeks to empower women. It helps them with their business and gives them stability in their finances. It also enhances the country’s economic growth.
  • Assistance and motivation: Women from rural and impoverished areas receive support and motivation from the Udyogini Yojana Scheme. It enables them to start their businesses. It provides them with business growth support in the form of financial aid, skill training, and other resources.
  • Skill training: This program also helps women overcome obstacles by giving them skill training. It ensures women’s growth in business and enhances their skill sets.
  • Women’s development and empowerment: Women now have the chance to launch their businesses and gain a sense of control over them thanks to the Udyogini Yojana Scheme. It helps women grow, gives them the confidence to engage in a variety of activities, and enhances their social standing.

Eligibility Criteria

  • This program is intended for female business owners.
  • The applicant must be between the ages of 18 and 55.
  • The BPL family’s female members are qualified. Women in a different category could feel more at ease under this plan.
  • For both the general and special categories, the applicant’s income must be less than 1.5 lakh to qualify for the scheme.
  • Women who are disabled or widowed: There is no family income cap
  • To be eligible for the Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024, women must have a clean credit history and not owe money on any previous loans.

Documents Required For the Udyogini Yojana Scheme

Sr. No.Documents
1Aadhaar Card 
2Birth Certificate
3Address proof
4Proof of income
5BPL (Below Poverty Line) Card and Ration Card 
6Caste Certificate (Applicable only for SC and ST applicants)
7A bank passbook copy that contains details like IFSC code, MICR, account number, bank name, branch name, and account holder’s name
8Passport size photos
9A duly filled Udyogini Scheme online form 

How to apply for the Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024?

  • To receive the benefits of the Udyogini scheme, women must first obtain information about it from the bank where they currently maintain an account. If their bank offers this program, they ought to speak with representatives there to obtain all the details.
  • They ought to receive further details about the same branch if they obtain a loan from that bank. They can obtain information about the branches where this scheme is offered if it is not offered by the bank where they currently have an account. They should then obtain the application form by visiting the bank’s closest branch.
  • Carefully read the application form. Recognize all of the information requested, then fill it out accurately and carefully. Ask the bank staff members or seek assistance from the bank officials if you do not understand anything. Take a family member with you if they can assist you, and make sure they fill out the application completely.
  • Once your form is filled out and everything appears to be in order, copy the documents listed on it. Following that, you must present this form to the appropriate officer. They will examine your form.
  • If something is incorrect, you must fix it and respond to their inquiries. They will retain your form with them and forward it for additional action once everything is in order. Your application will be submitted in this manner. The bank employees will then get to work.


By offering interest-free loans up to Rs. 3 lakh, the Udyogini Yojana Scheme 2024 empowers Indian women entrepreneurs, especially those in rural areas. This program, which promotes women’s economic growth and social status, offers skill development and business support to help them become financially independent. It’s a big step in the direction of the empowerment and development of women.

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