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TCS Full Form

TCS Full Form- What is TCS ? It is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company. TCS is a part of TATA industries owned by Mr. Ratan Tata.

tcs full form

TCS Full Form is mentioned below  

Tata Consultancy Services

What is TCS?

Tata Consultancy Services  is one of the leading IT services companies in the world, with more than US $100 billion revenue and US $3.2 billion profit in 2016. It is known for its proprietary software called JAVA and expertise in providing operations services for global corporations. TCS provides a diverse range of IT services to its customers including for internal operations, management services, project management, information technology infrastructure and services, application development, software and hardware products, and advanced IT infrastructure services. It is a leading provider of IT services in the banking, financial services, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecom industries in India, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

What do they offer?

This is a fantastic company for any company looking to outsource IT, software development and technical support services. They have a strong base of over 500 customers with their largest client being BT, Europe. Some highlights of this company: Highest market share in India in the IT Consulting business and 3rd highest in ITeS industry Highest market share in India in the Services business, next to TCS and Infosys Trusted worldwide brand in Information Technology Services Highest market share in India in ‘other services’ (delivered as consultancy) 12th largest IT services company globally All Systems Go It is an excellent company to work for and enjoy a fulfilling career.

Where is TCS ?

Headquartered in Mumbai, TCS is one of the largest IT services companies in the world. It was founded in 1968 by Dr. N.R. Narayana Murthy and now has around four hundred thousand employees. How big is TCS in terms of market capitalization? As of September 2013, TCS has a market capitalization of $65.67 billion and generated revenue of $17.42 billion that same year. What is TCS’s Current Growth Rate? The company’s revenue growth rate in the past five years has been 5.4% and its EBITDA growth rate was 3.8%. Will TCS grow any faster going forward? With TCS’s growth rate and current EBITDA growth rate, the company is expected to grow at 5% in the future. Is TCS an undervalued stock? Tata Consultancy Services has an EV to EBITDA ratio of 11.28, while its P/E ratio is 14.13.

How it all began ?

Tata Consultancy Services was born in 1969 with the help of the founder Mr. Chandrasekhar Natarajan. At the young age of 27, Natarajan decided to combine his love for science and mathematics with his immense talent for business, and went on to graduate with a BSc in computer science from the University of Madras. Soon after, he applied his skills and technology to the field of Business Information Systems and won a seat in the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Later, he was brought to Bombay to work at TCS and was given the task of creating an information technology department within the company. As his career progressed, he founded many companies, both in India and in the US, each taking advantage of the latest technologies in each country.

FAQs about TCS :

  • TCS was founded in the year 1968.
  • The headquarter of TCS is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.
  • TCS stands second-largest Indian company by market capitalisation.
  • TCS was ranked 64th overall in the Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies ranking in 2015.
  • TCS was initially known as Tata Computer Systems. 

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