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SSB Full Form

SSB Full Form- What is SSB ? It  is a military operation run by Indian government or Indian Armed Forces. SSB is the border guarding force of India.

ssb full form

SSB full form is mentioned below :

Sashastra Seema Bal


What is SSB ?

The border guarding force of India is called Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB). It is set up under the aegis of Ministry of Home Affairs. SSB is the only border guarding force of India. It comes under the control of Indian army, navy and air force. This SSB is deployed on Indo-Nepal border and Indo-China border. It is also deployed at some other internal international border along with the Indian armed forces. In fact, it is the only unit of Indian Armed forces which is deployed on international border with Nepal and China. Indian army, navy, air force and SSB shares a unique relationship and cooperation. Both these defence forces play their roles in national security and have worked in a joint strategy for India’s national security.

A brief history of SSB :

The Indian SSB was formed in 1965 after the assassination of Indira Gandhi. The initial responsibility of this force was guarding the Sino-Indian border, but after India’s entry into the cold war, the responsibility of the border guarding force was changed and shifted to protect the borders of India. Currently, the India’s Northern border with China and Myanmar are under the control of the SSB. SSB has a full-time strength of 4,059 personnel. Up till 1990, the SSB had only 27 officers. However, this number has gone up significantly in the recent times. At present, there are 12 officers belonging to the 4th Khasi Rifles, 2 officers from 1st Garhwal Rifles and one officer from the Assam Rifles among the current rank holders of the SSB.

Who are the SSB officers ?

Security personnel guarding the Indo-Bangla border Navy Sea King helicopters patrol the Indo-Bangla border SSB troops have been deployed at all the four borders of the country. In 2018, Union Home Ministry sanctioned ₹ 1,760 crore for the Border Security Force (BSF) and ₹ 980 crore for the Border Security Force (SSB) for the purpose of border security along the international borders of India and Bhutan.

SSB Training :

SSB has been deployed along the international border of India and Pakistan to guard and help the other government of India and Pakistan in case of a war between them. The recruits of SSB are first trained at various service academies before being deployed as soldiers in different areas of the border. SSB Recruits SSB recruits are recruited for 5 years. One of the recruitments is for men, women and children. Duties SSB troops are deployed in almost all high-altitude locations of the world, including the Siachen Glacier in the Northern Areas of Pakistan and Himalayan mountain ranges. They are trained for low-intensity mountain operations. What Is the Kashmir Base Camp? SSB recently established the first and largest base camp of the Indian Army, called as the “Kashmir Base Camp”.

SSB Recruitment :

SSB Recruitment: Here are the details about recruitment process for the SSB 2018. SSB Recruitment 2018: Application for the posts of 2 Specialist Sergeants and 2 Corporals will start soon. SSB Recruitment 2018: Aspirants can now register for the SI/CS course under SSB 2018 recruitment through this official website of SSB. SSB Recruitment: How to apply for the posts? Go to Click on the New Recruitment/Apply Now button A new page will be opened Scroll down to learn about the registration process.

FAQs about SSB :

  • SSB was originally set up under the name Special Services Bureau.
  • It was established on 20 December 1963.
  • The primary task of the force was to provide armed support to the foreign intelligence division.
  • SSB looks after cross-border crime and smuggling as well as other anti-national activities.
  • The Governing body of SSB is the Ministry of Home Affairs (India).

Conclusion :

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