RAW Full Form | What is RAW-Functions,Objectives,Existence,Indo-Pak War? Explained

RAW Full Form

RAW Full Form-What is RAW ? RAW is a foreign intelligence agency of the country India.RAW is keeping its eyes on different nations’ advancements in each field which is identified with India, since 1968.


raw full form

RAW Full Form is mentioned below :

Research and Analysis Wing


What is RAW ? – Its Functions :

RAW looks for information and conducts investigation on the threats faced by India from abroad. The most important function of RAW is conducting surveillance on the neighboring countries and reporting to the Indian Prime Minister. The role of RAW’s action is to provide all necessary information to the PM. Rajiv Gandhi used to send reports to the PM through NSA A.K. (Babu) Nath and Lt. Gen. A.N. Singh. What the RAW Agencies do Various RAW agents look for information that would help the country to be safe. RAW focuses on terrorism and Pakistan, and other countries that support terrorism. Roughly, 40 RAW agents were working in Nepal at the time of the India-Nepal border blockade. Many of them were the local police.

RAW’s role in the Indo-China war :

On December 18, 1962, the Indian and Chinese troops began massive hostilities in the latter’s neighbourhood, namely Ladakh. In the crisis, Indo-China armed forces initiated the first military operation of their war in India’s neighbourhood. Even before the formal declaration of the war, RAW gave the Indian forces a heads up about the Chinese offensive. On the very first day of the conflict, the Indian Army advanced much deeper than what their intelligence had forecast. The Chinese army did not know about the deployment of Indian armed forces. In addition, the first assault by the Chinese army on Ladakh on December 27, 1962 was also preceded by a rapid alerting of the RAW and by a strategic assessment by a RAW team led by Major SP Subba Rao.

Why RAW came into existence :

Back then, India had no foreign intelligence agency. India had had only diplomatic and defence intelligence agencies but they were spread thin. RAW’s only task was to report all the military and strategic developments taking place around India and to keep an eye on China and Pakistan. RAW’s primary function The main function of RAW is to gather and analyse intelligence. RAW focuses on four objectives: Ensure the security of the national security. Determine and collect the military and strategic plans of enemy countries. Why RAW didn’t have any other functions and why India’s intelligence agencies were scarce and weak India has no strategic thinkers, it needs a shrewd intelligence gathering agency to predict the behaviour of enemy countries and understand the enemy’s goals.

RAW’s role in the Indo-Pak war :

RAW was working with Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) during the Indo-Pak war in 1965. But the RAW couldn’t help Pakistan at that time. When Pakistan did not give up attacks on India in 1965, RAW decided to take a step which would get the attention of world community. RAW realised that since there was a huge conflict between India and Pakistan, it was the right time for India to go to UN. So RAW sent a message to UN through a press release to warn Pakistan not to attack India. The message was a bit controversial since India was fighting against Pakistan. It was an allegation made by Pakistan that India could copy their nuclear technology and the message was sent to support it. But as the message came from RAW, it was believed that the message was sent by RAW itself.

The agency’s objectives :

It is to gather foreign intelligence and conduct covert operations within the borders of India. It is also known as black operations. It targets governments and organisations of foreign countries. RAW has the capability to carry out international espionage, penetration of foreign governments and intelligence services, economic intelligence gathering and network operations. How The Agency Operates The agency employs numerous talented personnel to gather information from various sources. They are primarily spread across 21 countries and their primary focus area is the United States. RAW has operatives in every country in the world. Every day RAW sources information from thousands of foreign sources. RAW is completely open with their operation and report the result of the operations.

RAW’s intelligence gathering operations :

RAW chief’s clandestine telephone calls RAW activities and operations are hidden from public. RAW has been known to conduct espionage and spy-like activities. This is not the only espionage agency of India, though RAW is said to be the most secret and powerful in terms of running operations. Information gathered by RAW goes to the then prime minister who passes it on to the president. The president can at best be informed after a decision. But the president can’t issue an order to conduct a clandestine operation and if he gets information, it could be a non-disclosed one. The RAW chief is an intelligence officer. He also reports to the chief of general staff of Indian Army. RAW is controlled by the army chief. What do CIA and MI6 do?

RAW’s contribution to national security :

Prior to RAW, there were four similar intelligence agencies working under the Prime Minister of India. Three of these agencies were unified in 1965 to form the Indian Secret Service and its training institute as well as other agencies under it. It has helped the country with a lot of national security issues. The recent history of RAW is full of helping the country in facing the challenges it is facing. How was RAW formed? In June, 1979, in the wake of international terrorism and threat of nuclear war, a meeting of top officials of Intelligence agencies was held in Delhi to discuss the increasing national security challenges faced by the country.

FAQs about RAW : 

1. It was formed on 21 September 1968.
2.T he Headquarter of RAW is in CGO Complex, New Delhi, India.
3.Basic classroom training in tactics and language are imparted to RAW officers at the residential Training and Language Institute in Gurgaon.
5.RAW has been active in obtaining information and operating through third countries.
6. The head of RAW is designated Secretary in the Cabinet Secretariat and is under the direct command of the Prime Minister.

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