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 NEFT full form

NEFT Full Form– What is NEFT ? It is banking related term used for transactions of money . It is a one-to-one payment facility.Many of the buisnessmen, govenment and many other uses it for there transactions.

Most of the people are unaware about the full form of NEFT
So, NEFT full form is mentioned below :
National Electronics Fund Transfer

What Is NEFT? Easy, Step-by-Step Guide to NEFT Transfer

It is banking related term used for transactions of money . It is a one-to-one payment facility.Many of the buisnessmen, govenment and many other uses it for there transactions.

Introduction :

The National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) is a government issued Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) facility run by the State Bank of India (SBI) and several other banks. Although most of the retail payments are in cash, NEFT makes it possible for small-value transactions to be done digitally. This facilitates online banking for all customers and thus reduces wastage of cash. What is NEFT? NEFT is a standardised Interbank Transfer (IET) mechanism that enables customers to transfer money to their respective banks in one to one manner. This service is widely accepted by the customers. NEFT allows an average transaction size of Rs.15000/- per transaction. It is very popular among the small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


What is NEFT ?

If you want to transfer money from one bank to another bank with NEFT, here is a step-by-step guide: You need to first complete a transaction in one bank. You send NEFT request to the other bank and you know that the other bank has received it. A log entry is made in the POS machine with NEFT done. A number is shown in the log as transferred in your account. You check the history in the POS machine and notice that you have been credited in your account. You complete your next transaction with NEFT. This is How it Works NEFT is a one-to-one (paper money transfer) from one bank to another bank. The money is credited in the account of the other bank as and when the request is done. The money is not taken from the account of the sender bank.


How to do NEFT :

Create New Account : This step is very important for to complete the process. To create a new account you can do it from the field of Interests. It can be the field where you select your bank. In our case I am showing my Bank name as ICICI Bank. It can be for One Time Debit or One Time Cash Transfer. Enter the Account Number, in example- Like number of account is 12513181229. Select the Unit of Payment to be NEFT, In Example- Rs.1000 It is case for both UTI- NEFT and SBI- NEFT. For example For both SBI and UTI, You should select “RBI NEFT Charges”. (for example for SBI) Just fill in all the details including P2P NEFT add details, and Send. When you will get some information about entering the PIN. The PIN should not be the same as your ATM PIN, which you have in your mobile phone.


NEFT Charges :

If the currency has to be transferred from one bank to another bank then the charges are same. For transfer from a bank to the recipient bank, there is 1 paisa per 1 rupee, if the transfer is made between two local bank and it is to the other bank then the charge is also 1 paisa per rupee and also if you are transferring the amount more than 200,000 rupees then there is one paisa per rupee charge. But if the transfer is between two Indian banks to the other country, then the charges are more.

Transfer Charges – How It Works? There are two types of NEFT transfer. One is Intra State NEFT Transfer and the other is between bank to bank. In intra state NEFT transfer, the bank has to transfer it to the recipient bank itself or even to some of the agent banks.


FAQS about NEFT :

  • Funds can be transferred via NEFT, by adding beneficiaries on the internet banking portals of the required bank.
  • NEFT timings for Monday to Friday are 8 am to 6:30 pm, and for Saturdays, it is 8 am to 12 pm.
  • NEFT transactions can be made only across NEFT-enabled banks.
  • There are no restrictions on the minimum and maximum amount of transactions that can be made with NEFT.

Conclusion :

By and large, people today prefer this type of transfer of money by payee than it in charge of bank for doing it.In this competitive world, all of us have to compete with other businessmen to make more and more profit. Most of the entrepreneurs think of money transfer from one to other, which is a very slow process in this case. This is a simple way to get money faster and faster. Not all of the bank branches in this country offers it to their customers.If you are not aware of this type of transfer system, then you should contact your nearest bank for this facility.


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