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 NCB full form 

ncb full form, full form of ncb


NCB Full Form – NCB is essentially a discount on your insurance premium that you can avail when you renew your policy. If you do not make any claims for a few years consecutively, You can accumulate up to 50% discount on premiums! 

Full form of NCB is :


N ➥No


N ➥Narcotics
So,full form of NCB is No Claim Bonus. & Narcotics Control Bureau.

FAQs about NCB :


  • NCB will help you to fetch a discount on policy renewal.
  • NCB is associated with the car owner and not the car.
  • No Claim Bonus is applicable at the time of policy renewal and only on the ‘Own Damage’ component of your car insurance policy.


More full form of NCB

Full FormCategoryTerm
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National Commercial BankBankingNCB
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