MCA Full Form | What is MCA- Duration,Career,Fees ? Explained

MCA Full Form 

MCA Full Form – What is MCA ? MCA is referred to as Master of Computer Applications is a postgraduation course of 3 years. MCA is a three year long professional post-graduate degree course for students who deeply want to learn computer application development. The MCA course is a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

mca full form


MCA Full Form is mentioned below :


Master of Computer Applications

What is MCA ?

The MCA degree was established by the Institute of Information Technology, Pune. It was first offered in 1994 to train students who are preparing to become executives in computer science, information systems, software engineering or project management. The online MCA course is a three-year program with classes every month. Online MCA is one of the most competitive programs in India and is only for those students who are ready to work on computer applications such as web applications, databases, applications for mobile phones, desktop applications and graphics design. This is a basic qualification for people who are just looking to get a job in the industry. What Is the Major of MCA? The major of MCA is computer applications with a specific major.


Course Details :

MCA Exam MCA exam consists of a total of 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs). The exam is carried out by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India. The online exam is conducted every year in the month of July or August. The exam is held over a period of one week. The Marks The candidate who has cleared the MCA exam will get a rank of Bachelor of Computer Application (B.C.A). The Test The actual scores depend upon the cut off marks. There is a distinction between the two levels of the MCA: Tier-I and Tier-II. The Tier-I is purely based on score, whereas, the Tier-II involves difficulty levels. Essay Writing There is a total of 55 questions and a total number of 450 marks are given for this paper. The minimum score is 40.


Career Prospects :

MCA is a highly in-demand degree today because of the growing demand in the IT industry. The software and engineering industry is rapidly growing and is the second largest job provider in the world. The industry is growing with the advent of various modern technologies and is expected to keep growing in the coming years. The world is expected to develop at a rapid rate and with the growing popularity of IT industry, it is expected that in the coming years more and more students will enroll for MCA course. The demand for engineers and computer programmers is increasing as the technology industry is constantly changing. The demand for software engineers and computer programmers has gone up. 2. MCA with VMware CE VMware courses are designed for information security professionals.


Tuition Fees :

MCA is considered to be one of the most expensive courses, it is the only professional degree course to be 100% fee waived. Students can avail fee waiver under category ‘Outdoor’ fee waivers, category ‘Operating’ fee waiver, category ‘General’ fee waiver, category ‘Management’ fee waiver and category ‘Engineering’ fee waiver. If one opts for management fee waiver then they can save 10,000 to 15,000 rupees per semester. Students can also opt for undergraduate fee waiver (under ‘general’ category) of 10,000 to 15,000 rupees per semester. It is not compulsory to opt for fee waiver, you can choose to pay the fees without receiving any benefit. You can also pay the fees without the benefit of fee waiver. Duration of MCA Programmes The MCA course duration varies from three years to four years.



FAQs about MCA :


1. MCA aims to groom the software skills and strengthen the computer application aspect of students.

2.MCA is a full-time degree course with a duration of three years i.e. 6 semesters.
3.Students having mathematics as a subject either in high school or in graduation can enrol for this course.
4.MCA course focuses on providing a sound theoretical background as well as good practical exposure to students.
5.This course provides modern, industry-oriented education in applied computer science.

6.The MCA program focuses on providing a sound theoretical background as well as good practical exposure to students
7.MCA courses are more focused on the implementation of Programming Languages.

Conclusion :

Here was the short details of MCA course you were looking for. Make sure you visit Best MCA institutes  for the information about top best MCA complying courses.Comment down below for any queries.

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