HR Full Form | What is HR Manger- Challenges,Importance,Management ?

HR Full Form-What is HR, Why It Matters, And How To Get It Right ? HR term is used to define the manpower or labour workforce in an organization or workplace. In any organization, there is a term called “Hour” that defines the Human resource department which is responsible to deal with employees individually and for shaping the company policies.

hr Full Form

What is Human Resources?

There are many definitions of Human Resource. The most important one is to consider the situation when the employee is a worker and a worker is the role of employee which is discussed under the Labour force in any organization. The employee has many aspects that influence a company in a positive way. The employee may create a real improvement for the company which may be positive, negative, or neutral. The employee can be happy or unhappy. That leads to the key question that who is a worker? Who can define worker? A human being is a form of life on earth created by God, in particular, he is the bearer of certain rights such as life, health, liberty, and all its creations.


Why is human resource important?

All organisations exist because of the decisions or recommendations of the human resource department. Many organisations have the belief that human resource is not as important or as key as it is perceived. They believe that the department is only responsible for certain aspects of human resources like recruitment, etc, or for ensuring that recruitment rules are followed. However, human resource department is the department that influences the whole business and is responsible for organizing the internal and external activities. The thing that is most significant is the fact that without human resource, an organisation will not function efficiently and the manpower will not function properly. Therefore, all organisations need to pay close attention to their human resource department.

Human Resources and HR Management :

Now, let us understand what exactly HR Management is? It is an extension of Human resources. This process helps the management or organizational leaders to deal with employees. HR Managers are often considered the first line of defense to safeguard and monitor employee’s welfare. HR Manager is also responsible to monitor and carry out Human resource related initiatives as well as employee engagement and cultural issues in the organization. Further, they are incharge of performance management system as well as selection of employees to complement the business goals. They may also be accountable for recruitment of the employees or performance appraisal which determine their pay and bonus.

HR Management and HR Challenges :

Today, a number of industries such as IT, Electronics and Telecom, Software, ITES and Hospitality Industry is growing by leaps and bounds and has now become one of the most profitable sectors of economy. And because of the advent of such industries, there has been an increase in the number of IT Employees who in general work long hours with not less than 70-80 hrs a week. This is leading to a low productivity and lack of mental alertness among them. The HR management team plays a crucial role in maintaining productivity and standard at an organization. There are various factors which are bringing about a positive change in the employees productivity.

Conclusion :

Managing a company and running a business need not be an easy job especially the complicated challenges such as the ever-changing market scenario, complicated competitors, financial crisis, technological changes and so many others that the entrepreneurial mind-set never allows the company to think of these tough problems that a real man or woman-management can solve. Start working with the concepts and your precious knowledge will soon transform into an organization that can function like a power-house in today’s time. Get The Free Newsletter and see all the resources that is given for free to enhance your entrepreneurial mindset and expertise.

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