HDFC full form – What is HDFC – Vision,Missions,Values,FAQs ? Explained

 HDFC full form

HDFC Full Form – What is HDFC ? It  is a subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has a base of 1,17,000 permanent employees as of 21st March 2020.

HDFC full form is mentioned below :


Housing Development Finance Corporation

FAQs on HDFC Bank: All You Need To Know


What is HDFC Bank?

HDFC Bank was incorporated on 19th April 1986 and went public on 24th April 1986. HDFC Bank has been named as India’s Best Bank by the Mint 500 based on its performance in various parameters for the years 2014-16. Why is HDFC Bank a great bank? It is the first private sector bank to be fully owned by the Government of India. HDFC Bank is considered as one of the most efficient bank with a controlling NPA. How can you take part in HDFC Bank? For learning and understanding our unique banking facilities, join HDFC Banks.


The Bank’s Vision :

1. Innovation.

2. Quality of Service.

3. Stewardship.

4. Skill Development.

5. Digitization.

6. Innovation in new products and services.

7. Leverage on HDFC’s brand positioning and broad outreach.

8. Customer Centricity.


What is the Bank’s Mission?

The Bank’s core objective is to help its customers make their financial dreams come true by helping them make their highest interest rate, not their highest spend. The Bank strives to help customers leverage their financial strengths, boost their buying power, earn more for their money, invest for a better tomorrow. HDFC Bank’s vision is “To be the preferred choice for customers’ financial solutions by helping them leverage their financial strengths, to make their highest interest rate, not their highest spend”. How to open a personal account with HDFC Bank? To open a personal account with HDFC Bank, a customer should have a Permanent Account Number and should deposit a minimum of Rs. 10,000 in the Bank’s ATMs.


The Bank’s Values :

1. Core Values – Achieving Excellence – Foster an environment where people come together to deliver excellence in customer service.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility – Making a difference to our communities.

3. Customer service excellence – to deliver consistent and unparalleled levels of customer service.

4. Service Excellence – The joy of serving our customers.

5. Ethics and Service Integrity – To deliver uncompromising service and commitment to the highest standards of integrity.

6. Innovations and Innovation – To be at the forefront of innovation and delivery of new services to our customers.

7. Continuous improvement – Continuous improvement of the delivery of value to our customers.

8. Communication and community engagement – We are customer-centric.


FAQs about HDFC :

What is the name and address of the franchisee? HDFC Bank has three recognised banks under its franchise in India which is HDFC Bank Ltd., HDFC Bank (Uttar Pradesh) Ltd., and HDFC Bank (Jammu & Kashmir) Ltd. What are the opening hours? The branch’s opening hours are as follows: Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM How can I open a new bank account? 1. Firstly, make sure that your account is KYC (Know Your Customer) compliant before opening a bank account with HDFC Bank. You can open a savings bank account, a current account and a recurring deposits with HDFC Bank. 2. HDFC Bank usually has the maximum number of HDFC Bank Rewards Points which makes it easy for you to make withdrawals and deposit cash with HDFC Bank online or through a branch.

  • HDFC Bank is the India’s largest private sector bank by assets.
  • HDFC Bank was started in 1994,by its registered office in Mumbai, India
  • HDFC Bank provides a number of products and services including wholesale banking, retail banking, treasury, auto loans, two-wheeler loans, personal loans, loans against property, consumer durable loan, lifestyle loan and credit cards.


Conclusion :

HDFC Bank Limited is the largest private sector bank in India with total assets of USD 75.9bn and a deposit base of Rs 4,43,848.4 crore. It has total branches in 1346 cities across India as of March 2016. The bank is present in 100 countries across the world. It has a foreign presence in 21 countries across the globe. The bank is listed on BSE, NSE, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and Australia Stock Exchange. It is among the blue-chip companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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Housing Development Finance CorporationPrivate Sector Bank in IndiaHDFC
Housing Development Finance Corporation LimitedNSE Company SymbolHDFC
Housing Development Finance CorpReal EstateHDFC
Housing Development and Finance CorporationReal EstateHDFC
Housing Development Fund CompanyReal EstateHDFC
HousingReal EstateHDFC

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