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 Computer Full form  



full form of computer




COMPUTER is an electronic device that is used for performing technical and educational functions. 
Computer is an acronym that is derived from a word “Compute” which means to calculate.
Around almost every 3rd person in the World uses the term Computer but most of them don’t know the full form of Computer.
 Computer full form is :
C- Commonly
O- Oriented
M- Machine
P- Purposely
U- Used for
T- Technical and
E- Educational 
R- Research
Computer stands for ” Commonly Oriented Machine Purposely Used for Technical and Educational Research.

FAQs about Computer :

  • Charles Babbage is known as father of Computer i.e. the inventor of Computer.
  • About 85% of the world’s currency only exists on computer.
  • The first Computer programmer was a woman.
  • More than 6000 new computer viruses are created monthly.
  • The first mechanical computer was named as ENIAC.



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I hope you liked my post and know very well know the full form of Computer.

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