COMPUTER Full Form-What is Computer-History,Working,Features ?

COMPUTER Full Form -What Is A Computer? A Beginner’s Guide : Computer is an electronic device which is used for fast calculation. Charles Babbage is known as the “Father of Computer”.

computer full form

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Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research

What is a computer?

A computer is a mechanical machine (or usually electronic device) which is used for fast calculation. How can you think about computer when it comes to your personal life? The answer is simple. This can be said that almost every human being in this generation has the basic knowledge about Computer. Even a simple person knows computer. Computer has become a part of our daily lives. Almost all of us uses computer daily without thinking about it. Most of the smartphones in this generation have built-in mobile applications that can help us to use personal computers. Let’s start from the different options that are available in terms of computers to be used in this world. To run Windows, you will have to have a proper computer, which should be running the latest Windows operating system.

How does a computer work?

Every time a computer has to work, it must wait for instructions from the memory chip that contain a program or set of instructions, and instructions from the processor that is going to process the instructions in a set of instructions to a set of inputs to the output. Then, a program or instructions to the computer is written on a card called a ROM. This program is then stored in the main memory. Every time a user wants to use the computer, they must read and put in the program into the main memory, and then they can use the computer.

Who invented the computer?

The idea of creating a computer was conceived by John von Neumann while he was working on plans for the Manhattan Project, which later became the nuclear bomb. The Manhattan Project, in 1945, was the initiative of the United States government to develop the first atomic bomb. The most important event in von Neumann’s life and his entire career happened on June 6th 1947, the day that led to his two most important discoveries. On that day, his team learned that their project, code-named ENIAC, (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) has won the first prize in the first international competition, the United States Defense Department’s Preliminary Design Competition. ENIAC won the contest in a mere 23 days.

How has the computer helped?

A good programmer is an expert in using codes and script. The programmer has to enter the information into a computer and also specify what that information is to be done. If the programs are written correctly, it will never produce any mistake. What is done is that the information about a site is compiled into a program. The program is then fed to a web browser or it is transmitted by the internet. You do not have to know how to use the internet but if you want to check any other site, the program can do it. How is computer made? It is made through a CAD or Computer-aided design. You do not have to make computer or coding to use the computer. You can use the computer for typing the programs. This is done by using a keyboard. Every computer has a keyboard.

Conclusion :

A computer or computer system is a generic term for any device which makes use of electronic components to perform physical calculations.

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