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CCTV Full Form 

CCTV Full Form – What is CCTV ?.It is a kind of security device.It is also known as video surveillance. Any camera that broadcasts a signal can be attached to a CCTV system, it could be wired or wireless, which are most often associated with high-end surveillance cameras.

cctv full form

CCTV Full Form is mentioned below :

Closed-circuit television


1.What is CCTV?

Closed-circuit television is essentially a way to detect criminal activities, detect traffic violations, and record and store video. Video surveillance is part of homeland security and can even be used by the authorities to catch criminals. CCTV is considered a threat detection tool. A given CCTV network may only monitor a narrow range of cameras and the range may be quite short—perhaps only a few hundred meters. In fact, as of 2013, many surveillance systems use thin, handheld sensors that can detect motion and noise. Video surveillance systems have many applications, from business to national security.

2.CCTV Surveillance : Why You Should Care ?

For example, the Chinese government has issued strict rules on what people can say and do on social media sites such as Weibo and WeChat. These websites and mobile apps are now being used to monitor dissidents, who have reportedly disappeared from the face of the earth when they criticize Chinese government policies on Weibo.

3.How CCTV Surveillance Works

The first step of a CCTV camera is the recording of data, which is used for object identification and motion detection. The stored data is then transformed into images using image compression, and transmitted to the control room to be used for further analysis. Motion Detection The number of pixels in a camera is expressed in “thousands of pixels” (measured in meters or so), so every pixel captured in a camera provides information about its coordinates. This allows the camera to determine its location and identify what is happening. A set of rectangular pixels (50 by 50, for instance) can identify a person as shown in the image above. There are two kinds of objects that are identified by the high-precision position and orientation of pixels captured by a CCTV camera: humans and vehicles.

4.The Benefits of CCTV

CCTV is a source of visibility, which can help prevent theft and improve safety in shopping malls, offices and factories. It can also reduce staff turnover and improve workplace performance. CCTV systems are the most reliable form of protection against crime and can also provide an enhanced service to consumers and businesses with security alerts, alerts for vandalism or theft, environmental security, and privacy protection. How CCTV Works CCTV cameras start recording automatically and store the data in a central, or backend, location. A monitor that is connected to the network is the viewer that receives the feeds, and at the same time the network updates the video data with “live” events.


There are several ways of increasing the effectiveness of CCTV networks. And, for this, I suggest you use the information contained here to monitor your areas. You might even be able to use this guide to identify areas that require surveillance in your company.

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