BMC Full Form – What is BMC- Roles, Working, Annual budgets ? Explained

 BMC Full Form

BMC Full Form– What is BMC ? It is referred to as Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). Formerly, until 1966, it was known as Municipal Corporation of Greater Bombay (MCGB). BMC is the richest municipal corporation in India as the annual budget of MCGM’s is more than the annual budget of some smaller states in India.


BMC Full Form is mentioned below :

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation


What is BMC?

BMC is a largest urban local body in Maharashtra and India. The administrative head of the civic body is the Municipal Commissioner who is usually appointed by the state government. However, all the powers of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are exercised by the state government. What is the role of the elected representatives in BMC? The role of the elected representatives is mostly done by the Corporators or Members of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The function of corporators is to discuss and make decisions on the needs of the local residents. The corporators have the final say and the power to pass or reject any proposal of the civic body.


What is BMC Maharashtra?

BMC is the municipal corporation that administers the city of Mumbai, known to the world as ‘city of dreams’. In 1966, the city of Bombay was split into two with its north and west expanding to form Maharashtra. Thus, the Maharashtra government’s jurisdiction over Mumbai was established. It is a public municipal body with a population of 12 million and a mayor as its head. How to Get Registration?


What are the responsibilities of BMC Maharashtra?

BMC runs the main transport system of Mumbai in Mumbai (Mumbai), the metropolis of Maharashtra. BMC is responsible for public health and sanitation for the city, provides sanitation service for the city’s major buildings, runs water supply and sewage treatment plants for the city and maintains public buildings and roads. BMC also handles waste management of the city, manages and maintains the city’s parks, gardens, and beach, and provides public transportation within the city. Which is the region and where is the corporator? The corporator of city is from the Jain Community. Which is the division of BMC? The whole city of Mumbai is divided into 20 administrative wards.


What is the annual budget of BMC?

Each year, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) seeks approval from the state government to allot their annual budget. BMC also receives the assistance from various state governments to extend the complete sewerage system and other infrastructure. What is Mumbai’s population? Population in Mumbai is 2,186,260 according to the 2011 census. Mumbai was once the third most populous city in the world behind Tokyo and Seoul. If Mumbai is divided into Maharashtra state and Maharashtra state into four divisions, then each division has a municipal corporation at its head. What is Mumbai Metro? Mumbai Metro is a modern mass rapid transit system that consists of three lines. It’s an underground system with tunnels reaching beneath the city streets.


FAQ about BMC :

  • Construction and maintenance of streets, roads, subway and flyovers.
  • To maintain records of urban property and enforce building norms if required.
  • To register births and deaths and to hold the power over all cremation and graveyards under its jurisdiction area
  • To manage the garbage collection and disposal, water supply and the disposal and treatment of sewerage in order to maintain health and sanitation throughout the city
  • To create and maintain the parks and public spaces and to ensure coastal safety by providing lifeguards and other facilities at beaches.
  • Cleaning and lighting of roadways, streets, and subways
  • To work aggressively to prevent the epidemics


The government body of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is instrumental in functioning for bettering the Mumbai metropolitan area. MCGM is also widely recognized as a prime municipal organization for achieving policy goals in the metropolitan region. The government body of MCGM is recognized in some countries with notable linkages. Such as Canada where it is actively engaged as the urban agency. However, in the Mumbai metropolitan region, the leading central government agency is the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for capacity building. The best time to know the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, as it plays a significant role in the urban areas of Mumbai, is from the elections which will be held this year.

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