APK Full Form-What is APK File -History,Benefits,Features ?

APK Full Form -what is APK ? APK is the application file type used among Android, as well as a wide range in many other Android-based operating application in mobile phones for installing video games,softwares & middleware for distribution and installation.

apk full form

APK Full form is mentioned below :

 Android Package Kit 

History of APK :

The origins of the term APK (Accelerated Portable Character Kit) can be traced back to the launch of the first Android-based operating system by Google in 2007, Android 1.0. The original version was limited to English, French and German, with most other languages and timezones eventually implemented over the years. Google Developers worked hard to make a full version of Android available to the public, and with the Android Market was born. This was the initial outlet through which applications could be distributed, and meant that applications from other developers were required to be packaged as APKs. They also had to ship to a specific SDK level.

What is an APK file?

An APK file is essentially a binary file that contains the system or third-party application installed on your Android device. This file can be downloaded from a specific website or application, installed on the device (after sideloading) and then installed as an app on your Android device. This app can be downloaded from any source and then installed onto your phone. Can I sideload APK files? What you can do is download an APK file from the online, sideload it onto your phone and then install it. There are few times that you can’t sideload it. If the APK file is suspected of containing malware or malicious software then you should not install it. Do you have to root your phone to install APK files on it? No, this does not make it easier to root your phone and install APK files on it.

The benefits of APK :

This type of file helps in saving and compressing space, due to its design. This means the operating system receives only the essential files. After that, the users will have to download the apps separately. Most of the app will be done in smaller size and stored in a protected folder. 5 Android apps you never knew were available At this stage, it should be clear that Android is not like iOS. Instead, this is an Android operating system used by manufacturers like LG and Samsung for their android phones. This Android platform is the most popular because it is easy to use. It is compatible with many different types of mobile phones, tablets and mobile web browsers. So, these are the most popular ways to use this application, the download.

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