AASU Full Form| What is AASU-Aims,History,Concerns of AASU?

AASU Full Form-What is AASU?

AASU Full Form-What is AASU? AASU is the oldest and one of the largest student bodies in India. The association has been instrumental in fighting for social justice, democracy, and peace and against corruption, exploitation of people’s rights by unscrupulous politicians/bureaucrats/businessmen .

AASU Full Form

All Assam Students Union

What are some of the aims of All Assam Students Union?

The All Assam Students Union is one of the most influential student bodies in India. They have been involved in a number of activities such as organizing protests, participating in politics and even publishing their own magazine! These are some of the aims and objectives that they have set out for themselves.
1) To promote peace among students

2) To organize protests against social injustices

3) To fight for rights through democratic means and to make use of free speech, press freedom and other constitutional provisions to do so

4) To work towards building a welfare state with emphasis on employment opportunities for all people irrespective of caste, creed, gender or nationality.

Do All Assam Students Union have any specific goals given their name?

The Assam Students Union, as the name suggests, is an organization that is made up of students from the state of Assam in Northeast India. The goal of this group has been to achieve greater student rights and freedom for all those who live in the region. This includes advocating for more educational programs and policies that are designed to help increase job prospects. In addition, they also hope to achieve better living standards for everyone with initiatives such as providing quality education and healthcare services.

When was All Assam Students Union founded?

Founded in 1946 by students from various colleges and universities of the then-Assam Province (now state), this organization has been steadfastly fighting for the rights of educationists, teachers, and students. With a current membership count of over 10 lakhs members across all districts and other states of India, they are one of the most influential student unions in India.

What are some main concerns of AASU?

Nowadays ASSU is leading protests against discrimination based on caste or religion, demanding proper implementation of reservation policy to provide opportunities to poor but deserving candidates from general category irrespective their castes or religions. They also demand an increase in government expenditure on education sector as well as free education.

Does the audience have to be Assamese, or can someone from another country or region join?

The AASU is open to anyone who lives in Assam regardless of their ethnic background or religious beliefs because they believe that together we can make things better for everyone. The only requirement for membership is an interest in making your community a better place!

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