AAI Full Form-What is AAI?

AAI Full Form

AAI Full Form-What is AAI? Airport Authority of India (AAI) is a government-owned company responsible for the development, management and maintenance of civil aviation infrastructure. This includes airports, air traffic control systems, navigational aids like NDBs and VORs and meteorological services. They also provide ground handling services to airlines which include passenger handling, baggage handling as well as cargo.

AAI Full Form

Airport Authority of India

What is AAI?

The AAI was established in 1953 as an autonomous body and it has since been responsible for designing, constructing, maintaining and managing airports across the country. Their work includes airport development studies, research on airspace management systems, ground handling services to airlines operating out of domestic terminals at various airports across India and more.
The Airport Authority also conducts pre-flight safety demonstrations to passengers before they board their flight from any domestic terminal in India so they can be better prepared when they land abroad! In order to ensure that everyone has access to safe air travel no matter where you live or your social

When was AAI Formed?

AAI was established in 1987 through an Act passed by Parliament as the National Aviation Company of India Limited (NACIL) before changing its name on September 27th 2003 to what it is now known as today – AAI.

The AAI operates under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and is responsible for planning, construction, management and development of civil airports in India. It also provides air navigation services to aircraft operating within Indian airspace. The AAI has been doing a great job with their modernization plan which includes building more runways at many airports across the country as well as developing new airports such as Delhi’s Terminal 3.

What is AAI Responsible for?

The Airport Authority of India is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the airport, from operations and passenger security to construction and renovation. It’s a major undertaking that requires careful leadership, which is why it’s important to understand just what this organization does before you head off on your next adventure.

What are the goals of AAI?

AAI is a company that specializes in providing ground handling services for airlines and airports. The goal of AAI is to provide a safe environment for passengers, airlines, and ground staff – which includes baggage handling, ramp services (fueling), catering operations, customer service, cargo operations and aircraft cleaning. AAI offers 24/7 emergency response with their team of experts in case any unforeseen emergencies occur. As an airline partner you can be assured that your airport will have the best service available!

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